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Sun Myung Moon

(1920 – 2012)

Have we all just missed a very important man in history?




Father Moon’s teachings can offer us a blueprint for lasting world peace


“The teacher closest to you is none other than your own conscience … God dwells there … learn to listen to your conscience” (SMM)


MaPa is a new name for God that does not need a religion


Family Life is EVERYTHING

– protect and preserve it in all its forms because God’s Love dwells there


Parentalism – the only ideology to transform our world


Let God walk the earth through you – get ready for 2020!





I will first of all state that the contents of this website are entirely from my own personal assessment and experience, borne out of my involvement since 16th June 1976*, and should not be imputed as official Unificationist doctrine or in any way infer that some of the terms and expressions used by me have met with the express agreement or approval of the Unification Movement (UM), which is short for Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU). 

(* This is the day when I first met with a person witnessing on the main street in Dublin, O’Connell Street, and later went that evening to hear lectures on their teaching, called Divine Principle)

To some extent, I have been given free rein to write as I see fit, mindful that I would not wish to bring the UM or its founder, Sun Myung Moon (SMM), into any form of disrepute, intentional or otherwise.


I was born in Dublin in 1957 but since 1978 have spent most of my time here in London. I spent about 8 years as a full-time religious missionary for the UM until I left, around 1986, to re-enter the secular world doing various jobs until I settled on a career in teaching law. I returned to my Catholic roots but have still kept one foot, so to speak, in the UM since this time.

(One of the redeeming features of an Irish Catholic upbringing is not to take your religion too seriously!   I should qualify that by saying we tend not to take some elements of our doctrine seriously in terms of understanding concepts like virgin birth and immaculate conception, rising, as well as raising, from the dead etc.  What we do take seriously is putting our faith into action with many decades of sending missionaries and lay people out to all corners of the world giving practical health, education and food aid to all in need.  I believe this comes from an understanding of God as our Heavenly Parent and therefore we need to care for each other as brothers and sisters.)  


Father Moon has often encouraged people into public service under the motto of ‘service first to others’.  In my own modest case, it was as a school governor at two Catholic schools, one at primary level (including two years as Chair) and the other at secondary level.  While teaching, I was also elected over eight successive years as the branch secretary of the UCU (the world’s largest teaching trade union) at one of the largest Further Education colleges in the UK.   Public service to some extent extended into performing music (Irish ballads, classics from the 1960s and 1970s, and a high volume of self-compositions) for free at a number of public venues and nursing homes for the elderly.  

After roughly 20 years as a law lecturer, I retired to devote more time to volunteering for a couple of charities, spiritual writings, song-writing and music publishing.  Anyone who might be remotely interested in hearing my song-writing can do so on my You Tube channel – 


At the outset, I should also say that I never misused my position to preach my beliefs to vulnerable young students while teaching them.  Both they and former work colleagues would now be very surprised at my current professions of faith since I tend not to give any indication of my faith beliefs unless directly asked.

In terms of my political beliefs, I am a Centrist.  I tend to be Soft Right in terms of wealth creation, law and order, and personal responsibility issues and tend to be Soft Left in terms of social justice, equal opportunities, and taxation issues.  Unfortunately, we’re increasingly living in a highly polarized world with ideologies of the Hard Right and the Hard Left competing with each other for popular traction.  The Centre ground is where most folks reside in their political stance and tend to give no truck to these extremes.  Totalitarian regimes are often the outcomes in countries where these extremes of the Left or Right cannot get popular democratic support but use nefarious means to gain that power.       


My real name is Terence (Terry) Sweeney, but using my mother’s maiden name (O’Malley), I have adopted the pseudonym of Terence Malley for these spiritual writings. I should mention at the outset that my wife is not a Unificationist, even though she likes the members and is happy to help out with the catering at events.  My, at present (October 2016), 16 year old son is being raised a Catholic as I do not see my Catholic faith as being incompatible with being a Unificationist and we attend both Catholic Mass and Unification Movement (UM) events as they come up.

(He can make up his own mind when he is older what belief or non-belief he wishes to follow but for now, at least, his Catholic faith is giving him some moral compass in recognising the difference between right and wrong actions.  In fact, my Unificationist beliefs have made me a stronger Catholic because both extol the virtues of the family unit, in its many shapes and forms, as the foundation stone for a stable, harmonious society.)  


Because of my wife's respect for my beliefs, we did attend a marriage blessing ceremony presided over by Sun Myung Moon (SMM) and his wife, Hak Ja Han, back in October 1997. I never tried to impose my beliefs on her and she has left me free to pursue my own path. In many ways, and without her realising it, she has become a living embodiment of all I have looked for in a wife and I thank her immensely for that.


To some extent, this website has been written for those for whom any form of religious belief is anathema to them.  Religious folks have no need of me and probably look on my distinctly non-religious observances as a walking contradiction.  Be that as it may, I find myself giving much more time to my many secular-minded and humanist friends who often actively campaign for social justice and equal opportunity for all.  Whether they realise it or not, I feel God’s love is close to them because of their expressions of brotherly and sisterly love for others.  God is our Heavenly Parent, and any parent’s heart is moved when they see their children looking after each other, especially those in most need.


The contents of this website are laid out in the following headings:

1.   Home Page – the page you are on which sets out some of the core teachings.  Trying not to make this too long to get through.   

2.   Father Moon’s Words – his immense volume of speeches and output has been recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as the largest of its kind. Obviously, not looking to reproduce them all here, but over time this page will likely increase in size.   

3.   Photo Gallery (1940-1980) – a work in progress as more photos are included or rearranged according to more accurate chronological records.

4.   Photo Gallery (1980-2020) – as above.

5.   Spiritual Writings – this heading will attempt to set out some more detail to what has been written in the Home Page.  It will also seek to address any misunderstandings that folks and especially some elements of the media may have about our theology and operations.

6.   Other Reflections – basically, this heading will be a repository for any other things that come to mind.  No specific order to the articles I write (or insert from other writers).  Hopefully, after I have shed this mortal coil, it will give my son some interesting (and sometimes amusing) content to read through.


Finally, this website content has gone through a lot of changes and likely to go through more over the coming months and years ahead, so may I suggest that you revisit it every now and again.   Thank you for visiting and may you be blessed in all kinds of ways for doing so!



Main Content


Before Father Moon passed away in September 2012, aged 92, he and Mother Moon were married for 52 years, bearing 14 children.   I refer to them as True Parents and representing the physical manifestation of God, in both Male and Female form.   In using this term, I infer it in its spiritual context.  It is not intended to supplant the great love and self-sacrifices our own physical parents provided when raising us.  This is not a case of loving one group of parents over another but of loving both in equal measure but in different contexts.  I love my True Parents for the spiritual rebirth I received through them but I equally love my own parents for the tremendous love and self-sacrifices they provided me in my upbringing.  

(Actually, I have learnt to love and appreciate my own parents more over the years from getting a small sense of the tremendous self-sacrifices that my spiritual parents have made in the face of adversity.)


Ideally, any parents are the Face of God because unconditional parental love is the highest form of love.  God dwells in all loving relationships and none more so than in a family setting.  Even those who grew up without biological parents, such as in care homes, foster parents, orphanages, received in-loco parentis love from others.  Society recognises all forms of parental love-giving as crucial to its well-being and stability. 

This is why families are given economic and tax advantages so they can avoid falling into poverty, or at least as much as possible.  Governments recognise that stable families are the bedrock for a stable and harmonious society.  They also recognise that they just don’t have the human or financial resources to alleviate any form of disadvantage suffered by its citizens.  This is why a whole range of tax breaks are awarded to charities and non-profit organisations that seek to alleviate those disadvantages. 

(These charities up and down the country are often staffed by wonderful selfless volunteers and which provide a wide range of support to others whether on a local, national or international level.  There are many great ‘unsung heroes’ out there that we know of that provide different forms of parental love to others on a daily basis.  They may not realise it but the Holy Spirit’s heart is often moved by their actions.)


Our life experiences might shape us to some extent but it is the quality of our family upbringing that often has lasting impact on what sort of person we turn out to be. I suggest the family dynamic is the cornerstone of a healthy and successful society.  Even in later years, when we’ve left the family nest, we seek identity within a family environment.  We join political parties, religious causes, social groups, sports teams, music bands etc. not just because of personal interest but also because there is a group dynamic that attracts us, where like-minded people can meet as ‘brothers and sisters’ to one another.  Folks like being with like-minded people. It gives us confirmation of our life choices in knowing others share our views and lifestyle.  I believe we are one big family under God, our Heavenly Parent.   Those bonds of love can often run deep and give us a sense of purpose and achievement.


What this website seeks to do is to express my immense love for Father and Mother Moon as my spiritual parents, to the same level that I immensely love my own physical parents, both who have passed to the spirit world.  After over 40 years of association, I have no doubts whatsoever that God has anointed them with a heavenly mission and purpose.    


In time, the narrow confines of religion as we know it will need to give way to higher truths and understanding of this relationship we should have with our Creator.   Religion is a means to an end but we have unfortunately often made it an end in itself, as if our sole purpose is to be religious or to secure our own religion as the only one true doctrine above all other belief systems.  Does anyone seriously think they will get ‘awards in heaven’ for being ‘smart enough’ to chose the ‘right religion’ while on earth?  Most people stay with the religion they were born into or else they later decide to change their beliefs or else they decide to no longer have any religious beliefs at all.  What religion or non-religion we attach ourselves to is not the point – it is the quality of the life we live and the depth of goodness that we leave behind that matters.     

The attitude that our religion is superior to others has often inspired tremendous suffering and conflicts, both today and throughout known human history.  God is Holy but I don’t for a minute believe He/She is religious.  Once that end is in sight, as I believe it to be with the Holy Spirit coming among us to enlighten us (thanks to the foundations of faith and substance of True Parents), then we do not need priests, pastors, ministers, Imans, Rabbis etc. interceding on our behalf.  We can fully form a direct connection with this Source of Life, that we call God.  We can still enjoy great communion among each other in celebration of what God provides for His/Her children, but I cannot see the traditional forms of religious practice existing beyond this current century.  Something new and more powerful will have taken its place, thanks to the foundations that True Parents have laid.


What is God asking us to do?   Be the best parent you can be, not just with your own children but with the wider world around you.   God loves us in the same way that parents love their children.  When we understand what unconditional parental love really means then why should it stop us seeking to love those outside our immediate family in the same way?  This is an immensely challenging task – to love others in the same way their own parents would have loved them.   Thirty years from now, I would likely have gone to the next world.  What if I am looking down from it and seeing my middle-aged son had fallen on hard times and was sleeping rough out under some bridge in the depths of a cold winter?   From the spirit world, I am helpless to do anything about it but how overjoyed I would be to embrace those who had helped him recover and rebuild his life again!

What keeps us going, and relatively sane, are the small acts of kindness people do for one another.   Sometimes, however, it can take just a quick succession of bad experiences, one after the other with no let-up, to almost tip us over the edge where we see no hope or remedy available.  Our mental well-being is actually more important than our physical well-being.  We all long to love and to feel loved.  When there is an absence of love then no amount of physical comforts can compensate for that.  Anyway, I am deeply moved by those who selflessly serve strangers in need as in charitable organisations because I see in those actions examples of the unconditional parental love that our Heavenly Parent has for all of us.  


Christianity refers to God as our Heavenly Father and I suggest that has often given way to quite a patriarchal mindset over the centuries.  It is less in evidence over the past 50-60 years, not just with legislation protecting the rights of women but also guaranteeing equal opportunity for all and equal access to justice.   There is still much to be done in these areas, but it’s a good start.  Very little of this would have been possible were it not for the campaigning successes of women’s rights movements and other social movements since the 1960s onwards.   

The Unification Movement goes further in its teaching and refers to God as both our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.  This, to me at least, is a ground-breaking revelation which is supported by our Divine Principle teaching.  Personally, I refer to this new age of enlightenment as having started from 1960 when Father and Mother Moon were blessed in marriage and God could claim them as a True Son and a True Daughter.  In biblical terms, this is the long-awaited Marriage of the Lamb.  So much has changed in contrast to what was happening up to this date that it is almost like two separate worlds. 

Even with global unrest and conflicts still continuing to present day, there has been a dramatic paradigm change taking place from 1960 onwards.  Age-old institutions and traditions are now being questioned and if found wanting then new levels of truth and understanding are trying to fill those voids, none more so than what the UM was essentially trying to do when they organised and paid for large-scale conferences for political, religious, scientific, business and media leaders to come together.  I would suggest that at least 80% of our income over the past 50 years or so went on these expensive conferences in order to influence world leaders in these disciplines to rethink and re-imagine new ways of doing things. 

One of our main focuses now is in seeking ways to bring the Abrahamic faiths to work together in securing lasting world peace.  These are the faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam which all trace their spiritual roots back to Abraham.   Many of our conflicts arise from divisions among these faith civilisations.  No easy task to bring some form of unity or harmony, and it’s likely to take decades and/or generations for reason to prevail.  A year after World War 1 in 1919, the League of Nations was set up to try and avoid future conflicts among nations.  That didn’t work well and we then needed the formation of the United Nations, again a year after World War 2 in 1946.  History has an awful habit of repeating itself when lessons are not learnt from it.   


The year 2020 will also bring significant further enlightenment, marking as it does the 100th anniversary of Father Moon’s birth, Mother Moon’s 77th birthday (they were born on the same day on 4th February, 23 years apart) and the 60th anniversary of their marriage blessing in early Feb 2020.  


When speaking of a Heavenly Father and a Heavenly Mother, I am not speaking of Two Gods (ditheism) but of the One God (Heavenly Parent) who has the shared characteristics of both male and female embodiment in one.  A bit like a long-term couple who have been through much together – we start to see them as virtually one and the same i.e. the two become one almost in how we view them. 

The term Heavenly Parent and Heavenly Parents are to me interchangeable and some may feel more comfortable invoking the plural rather than the singular.  I see no issue with that as long as we recognise it is still just the One Being, rather than Two Beings.  Some may invoke Heavenly Mother out of a greater need for seeking spiritual comfort while others may invoke Heavenly Father out of a greater need for seeking spiritual guidance.    That tends to be borne out of a childhood conditioning that we sought our mother for comfort and our father for guidance, but in reality we know that either parent were just as capable of providing both in many different and wonderful ways!


My parents have long since passed away but not a day goes by when I don’t think of them and in sharing my current experiences with them, where they are now in the spirit world, the so-called ‘afterlife’   I take comfort that my spirit body will join them in the next world but also in now having conversations with them about issues I might be facing and asking for guidance and/or comfort.  I pray equally to my own parents as I do with True Parents (Father and Mother Moon).  I see no distinction as both represent the ‘Face of God’. 

Some time ago, I came up with a new term for addressing God, True Parents or my own parents.  This is ‘MaPa’ (Ma for mother and Pa for father).  I don’t formally use this term but just quietly chant it sometimes as I go about my day.  I find the word very calming and helpful in getting into a kind of mindfulness zone.  Please try it, either quietly saying it or in your mind.  Those of a non-religious persuasion may prefer it than using any religious sounding terms, such as God or Heavenly Parent.   The key is to connect with your spiritual body*.  Do it alone and in a quiet environment or with some calming music but also be prepared for inexplicable tears to flow and with it inner cleansing of the soul.

(* - we have five physical senses (touch, smell, sight, hearing, speaking) but also five corresponding spiritual senses, chief of which is our capacity both to give and to receive love).


Our teachings continue to evolve, as the Holy Spirit comes among us, and reveals greater life-affirming truths.  It all started when Jesus appeared to Father Moon in 1936 when only 16 years old and tasked him with completing that which could not be achieved when Jesus’ life was prematurely cut short at the age of 33 with his death on the cross.  Jesus’ dying on the cross ensures we have spiritual salvation but not the physical salvation that brings lasting peace to the world.   Jesus was not predestined to die at such a young age, but to live long with his wife and children and creating an ideal Family of God.  It is only long after his death that the Gospels were written to fit a different narrative of spiritual salvation by way of the Cross. 

That’s why I believe Father Moon has come among us as the Second Coming of Christ, to bring that lasting peace.  As with Jesus, Father Moon is also a ‘begotten son of God’ and has had to endure tremendous hardship and persecution subsequently in trying to share his message with the world.   Mother Moon is unique in being the first of us as the ‘begotten daughter of God’. 

Women, representing half the world's population, can now be enfranchised with this positive and life-affirming message and can be empowered to take equal participating roles as one equal half of God, our Heavenly Parent.   When we grasp the self-evident message that we are all made in the image of our Heavenly Parent, then so much good can be unleashed for the betterment of humankind as each of us seeks to manifest God's Heart and Mind in our own unique ways.  What a wonderful time to now be alive with these new truths and divine revelations!

While I afford Father and Mother Moon utmost respect, it is not a case of idol worship.  I could sit with them (and with Jesus) over breakfast and talk about matters of the day, just as I used to do with my parents. I refer to this as Primus Inter Pares (First Among Equals) - they are the first to spearhead this tradition where we are all expected to become True Parents, within our family and to the wider community and society.  Each of us is a unique manifestation of God, whether we realise that or not.  


I should mention that many would have thought that now that Father Moon had passed away then the religion/movement he started would just crumble and end up as a footnote in history.  To the contrary, it has only just started.  Mother Moon is now carrying on her husband’s mission and part of that includes emphasising now the maternal nature of God. Born in 1943, I hope she will live at least as long as Father Moon.  She is incredibly busy travelling the world and sharing her divinely-ordained message of hope and peace.  

Around the world, she is conducting marriage blessings among newly and already married couples in large stadiums.  This is an opportunity for happily married couples to meet with her and have their marriage blessed by Heaven.   In the summer of 2020, she plans to come to the UK and continue these marriage blessing ceremonies.  In many countries, she has been received as if it were a State Visit with presidents and prime ministers receiving her at the airport and attending her ‘Peace Starts With Me’ ecumenical events. 


With my heart I would hope that she is received equally as well here in the UK, but in my mind I am realistic to know that there is very little chance of that happening.   Understandably, politics doesn’t do religion and nor should it, just as religion shouldn’t do politics.  The Atlantic Civilisations of North America and Europe, the so-called ‘West’, may have advanced in all kinds of material wealth but I suggest it has come at a cost to its spiritual wealth.  When a country’s state apparatus becomes cynical and even suspicious of its spiritual/religious roots and heritage, such as can be found in the West towards its Judeo-Christian foundations, then that country will be the least welcoming or receptive to any efforts that our Heavenly Parent is making to reach out to us.

My view is that other civilisations, such as in Africa, South America, the Middle East, the South Asian and Pacific Rim countries will be more receptive to True Parents than the West.  Unfortunately, it may take the global catastrophe of a World War 3 type situation before a country’s leaders become more humbled to how inter-dependent we are as a global citizenry. 

A history of colonisation has left its mark on many countries where its natural and human resources were often used for the material benefit of the West down through the centuries.   If the West can embrace True Parents sooner rather than later then it has an opportunity to correct its negative legacy on those previously colonised and often still poor countries, and use its substantial resources to dramatically improve the living standards and uplift the spiritual burdens they have often had to endure.  Many of these once-colonised countries are locked in a ‘culture of dependency’, relying as they do on the crumbs of humanitarian aid from wealthier donor countries.  This cycle of dependency does need to be broken and will in time with its political leaders displaying high levels of good governance with each successive generation.


Anyway, I don’t want this Home Page to have too much content for the reader to get through and much of this will be covered in my own two personal Headings (‘Spiritual Writings’ and ‘Other Reflections’) on this website.  Mother Moon herself has asked that she be received by the Queen at Buckingham Palace in July 2020.  If any reader can bring any of their influence to bear on making this possible then I have every confidence that their ancestors and loved ones in the spirit world will be rejoicing in gratitude.

Why I mention the reaction of our ancestors is because we are often the product of what has gone before us, not only from our parents and grandparents and their direct influence on our lives. I believe in the concept of ‘Ancestor Liberation’ where generations of our ancestors can receive the ‘Merit of the Age’ from any actions we do in our participation towards advancing the heavenly providence.  When I meet my own ancestors in the next life, I want to be able to look them in the eye and say I have done all I can in those efforts while alive.  Hopefully, my descendants starting from my son onwards will find their own ways and means, and level of commitment, towards advancing this noble cause.        


What am I hoping for from these writings?

It goes without saying that I hope at a minimum that readers will look more favourably on what the UM and its founders, Father and Mother Moon, are all about.   A great deal of negativity has been spread about Father Moon especially during his lifetime and I’ve no doubt that posterity will judge him more kindly.  How long that takes is anyone’s guess but hopefully it won’t take as long as three hundred years since the birth of Jesus before Christianity became recognised under Emperor Constantine.  


Most founders of great belief systems tend to get persecuted in their lifetime.  That seems an inevitable outcome despite their best efforts to reach out to others with love and goodwill.  If you Google Father Moon’s name or the derogatively named ‘Moonies’, you will likely come across a plethora of websites solely designed to discredit our founders and our movement.  Most, if not all, have been set up by former members or followers who provide a first-hand account of how they have become disaffected and disillusioned by their experiences. After all, nothing provides more credibility to a view than that expressed as a first-hand account, a so-called insider’s view of what went on and likely continuing to go on.

(Sun Myung Moon has jokingly said we should not be fazed by being called ‘Moonies’ since the Moon is a reflector of light.  However, he hopes the day will come when we are called ‘Sunnies’ after his first name because the Sun is a giver of light!)


So as not to clutter this Home Page with too much content, I will be writing more on this under my ‘Spiritual Writings’ heading.  For now, I will acknowledge that sometimes incredibly daft things did occur, especially in the earlier years of the 1970s and 1980s.  We were all a bit young and naïve at the time and expected the world to change overnight.  It was largely why I left in 1986 and put the movement at arm’s length for a period so I could regain and recover myself.  What has not wavered is this ‘heartistic connection’ I have with Father and Mother Moon and my strong belief that they have been anointed by Heaven.  


I’m not asking anyone to become ‘Moonies’, as we are derogatively referred to as by some sections of the media – far from it in fact because I’m not particularly impressed with some elements of the organisation that has been built around True Parents.  Like any large organisation, FFWPU has its clear weaknesses in everyone not working to the same goals and dreams. 

What I will say for now is that many mistakes were made by some of our movement’s leaders in the past and that has often been unfairly attributed to Father Moon when he often had no idea what was being done in his name, so to speak.  Things are much better now than before but there is still some way to go before we are a properly functioning organisation in operational effectiveness.  Nevertheless, we’re getting there and we stand up well to any close scrutiny by outside government agencies when they come calling to look at our books – nothing to hide there. 

It’s just that while members tend to be hard-working, they are not particularly smart-working.  Most religious folk are a bit like that – a bit too trusting and naïve in their approach to things, and especially to people in authority.  As regards mistakes in the past made by members/leaders, just because someone joins our movement, it doesn’t mean they have left their ‘fallen nature’ at the door. Humans are a complicated and emotional species and our propensity to do selfish action is far more common than that of doing selfless action.  However, in the main most members are very selfless in their actions and purpose, that any nation would be proud to count among their citizens.  Anyone in leadership roles tend to have far more challenges to their fallen nature than not. 

(Let’s just say that some – very few in actual fact - of our movement’s leaders in the past got a little carried away with their position of authority, went off the grid and misused members’ trust in them.  The media got wind of it and then blamed the whole movement and Father Moon in particular for encouraging such behaviour when both he and we had no idea what was going on.  Mud sticks and if the media sling enough of it, then it becomes harder to wash that mud off.)   


What I will say here is that those earlier years (1960s to 1980s) were fairly frantic and, dare I say, fanatical.  Most of us were in our twenties and I acknowledge we were often over-zealous in our outreach and fundraising efforts.  We had a fairly hierarchical leadership structure and, as a result, Father Moon had no idea what was happening among the ‘foot soldiers’ in the movement, some of whom got badly burnt in the process and left the movement bitter and disappointed.  When he found out, he became very angry with some of the leadership but by then it was often too late.

I’ve sometimes seen that in badly-run organisations that the middle management heap more and more unrealistic demands on those they manage, on the premise that they themselves are being pressured to achieve more by those above them.  It needs to be put in the context that we were being presented with Father and Mother Moon inheriting the mission of Jesus as the Returning Messiah or Lords of the Second Advent.  When presented with such information, it is plausible that the average reader here would have behaved in a similarly zealous way.

(I do anticipate Unificationism eventually going the way of two models running alongside each other.  Within Judaism, you have a more fundamentalist model of Hassidic Jewry and then the wider Reformed Jewry model, with its more relaxed take on its beliefs and traditions.  Already I see a more fundamentalist view of Unificationism taking hold with its patriarchal teachings centering solely on those of Father Moon.  That is not a model that attracts me at all. 

What gives me great hope is that Mother Moon is opening up a new direction, as only women/mothers seem able to do.  This is a more relaxed and nurturing movement that seeks to take you as you are and gently guide you at your own pace and time.  I believe this is the Reformed movement that both Father and Mother Moon would prefer for their followers to adopt.  However, some followers are stuck in a Letter of the Law approach whereas True Parents are more about the Spirit of the Law.  This Reformed movement will be far more embracing and accommodating for a wider range of people and I welcome that coming soon.)


Life is full of nuance yet people go around thinking it’s a binary choice between black and white.  Scratch the surface and we’re all quite complicated beings.  Like any parent, our Heavenly Parent does not want you behaving out of character or in an artificial way.   And yet that is what happened back in those days, we did behave under fairly artificial circumstances. It was a binary choice of either going ‘God’s way’ or remaining in ‘Satan’s way’.  With the benefit of hindsight, we might have done things differently.    This is not to say that it was all some awful experience.  Far from it, many of us had some terrific times with deep bonds of friendship among each other, and which continue to this day.    

Nevertheless, some who did get burnt out and left the movement embittered then subsequently had willing listeners within the media ready to hear their story.  These stories supported the media’s own narrative that pretty much decided we were a dangerous and brainwashed cult that, as a public service duty, they needed to warn the unsuspecting public about.  Our own media people tried to balance this narrative but they weren’t really listened to.  It appears that nothing sells newspapers better than reporting bad news, or news that instils fear in the ‘other’, the outsider who comes among them.  People do like a scare story every now and then, and it seems we fitted that billing perfectly.


Anyway, that was then and this is now and I am confident that our movement has grown up a lot over the past two to three decades and, as a result, is less scary to be associated with (if that is what is uppermost in your mind).  The disruption and upheaval of Father and Mother Moon’s Message is bound to not run smoothly, especially during their lifetime when there is a sense of urgency for their Message to be recognised.  That will settle down over the coming decades when folks start to calm down and see that their message is a highly positive and life-affirming one. 

It does not threaten in any sense people’s existing lifestyle or way of doing things. People’s life choices and decision-making are sacrosanct.  Neither I, let alone True Parents, wish to interfere with the principle of free will.  What I do feel confident in saying is that thanks to the tremendous foundations of faith and substance that they have achieved, then the global victory over evil (the so-called ‘Satan’) has been won. 

Once you spiritually embrace God as your Heavenly Parent then no one needs to tell you what to do.  You will instinctively know what needs to be done, in your own time and at your own pace.  When you shed tears for Heaven and devote your actions for Earth and its inhabitants, then the Holy Spirit and the love from your ancestors will come down and embrace you with great purpose and happiness.  Eventually, you too will become a True Parent to the world and to your descendants.  What could be a greater achievement than that, and I would envy you!



The Three Blessings

Among the first pages in the Bible, in the Book of Genesis, it says that God wants to provide three blessings to us:

1. Be Fruitful’ 

This means having total mind-body unity within yourself so you live a life without contradiction between your mind and your body.  God can dwell directly within you and walk the earth through you giving hope, compassion and justice to others. 

Take yourself away from the normal distractions around you.  Usually, a spiritual retreat in beautiful settings can be good for this.  The UM have two  lovely education centres both in the Wiltshire countryside and in London where 2 day, 7 day and 21 day workshops are held in its teachings called the Divine Principle.

(Please phone +44 (0)20 7723 0721 or visit our headquarters at 43 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NA to enquire further.  Also, you can visit our UK website to check on upcoming lectures)


If you are reluctant to attend any religious or spiritual workshop, even one of your own faith, then just sit quietly in your room and reflect on what I have written but more especially the various photos of Father and Mother Moon. Ask yourself - are these people who can bring you closer to God?  Hopefully, the Holy Spirit (HS) will come down and anoint you with blessings and inspiration as you look at these photos. 

Hopefully also, uncontrollable tears will emerge covering all kinds of emotions from your past and present life.  Be still, not noisy, in your prayers/thoughts and let the HS take over and transform those tears of great sadness into ones of great joy.   


2. Multiply’

This means being blessed in marriage with your ideal partner, producing children, and creating a loving family unit.

·        The UM is inviting all couples, of any faith or none, to attend Holy Blessing Ceremonies.  This is an opportunity for couples to rededicate their vows to one another in the sight of God.  These vows are not just to love each other unconditionally but crucially to love their children unconditionally.  When such happens, God’s HS dwells there the greatest.  Already, many hundreds of thousands of couples have attended such ceremonies without any requirement to become Unificationists or to leave their faith.

·        Again, if such does not appeal to you, carry out something similar in your own home with your spouse.  In your own words, say why you think this rededication ceremony is important.  Once that is done, conduct a Holy Wine Ceremony (can be alcoholic but preferably just a simple juice) where you pass this drink to each other as a sign of rededicating love.  

o   Admittedly, it might be a fairly jovial event but also allow for the possibility of tears to come as you hug.  Tears are often where sincere emotions emerge and often where the HS comes and blesses you all. 

o   Of course, you can’t force tears. They either come or they don’t.  You or your spouse may not be particularly emotional or tactile with each other.  Tears both of happiness and sadness may happen over time.  Just a simple ceremony of coming together and rededicating love for each other can be enough for the HS to emerge.

o   While I suggest a lot of healing can come from collective tear shedding, it is not essential for the HS to come among you.  You might do this ceremony a few times during the year until it becomes second nature for you and your spouse to come together like this.



3. Have dominion over creation’

It’s probably built into our DNA that we love all forms of creation, whether it’s animals, trees and plant life, mountain and river formations etc.  Why else do we all long to spend time surrounded by nature, rather than human-made buildings only?   Sometimes, when watching a nature documentary on TV, I can feel quite emotional wondering how the heck there is such perfect harmony in such an imperfect world.  Obviously, the imperfections mainly arise from man’s inhumanity and insensitivity to the created world around us, and of course to each other.      

‘Having dominion over creation’ seems an old-fashioned term that has a negative connotation i.e. rule over creation like with some master/servant relationship where the master decides whatever they want to do with the animal, plant and mineral life around them.  That is not what it means.  This is a period in history with advancements in technology and digital information sharing, where we cannot plead ignorance over the impact of climate change or global warming.  Life around us is full of the dynamic of ‘cause and effect’.  Even things we inadvertently cause can have dramatic effect or impact on other living beings.

The word ‘creation’ also includes the human race since we are all created beings.  I would interpret ‘having dominion’ therefore as having kindness, goodwill and care for all that is created by God around us, including humankind.    The Christian Golden Rule (though pretty much all religions teach something similar) of ‘do unto others as you would wish them do unto you’ applies here.  Most of us are here for a life-span of 60-80 years and we are conscious of wishing to leave things in a better shape for those coming after us, not just for our direct loved ones but also for the human race as a whole.  

We may see ourselves as the highest form of the created world but often our actions betray what our Heavenly Father and Mother expect of us.  What they expect is no different to what the most loving parents would expect from their children – love, peace and harmony among our global brothers and sisters and the best form of stewardship of our physical environment that we can achieve.  That, in essence, is what Father and Mother Moon are asking of us as well.  You don’t even need to be religious to get into this positive, life affirming message. 

I’m not asking you to become a follower or any kind of follower – just follow your conscience which is your best teacher, as Father Moon said at the top of this page (and which is on my witnessing banner).  Once you tap into the great source of life, and the concept of God as having both male and female characteristics, then you’ll take this message to an even higher level than I could achieve.


Thank you for reading this far and may you be blessed in all kinds of ways for doing so.  Please read further in the other headings but more particularly please just look through all these photos of Father and Mother Moon (and their children).  They are not staged photos, but seem to capture them in different moments and at different ages.  Thankfully, Mother Moon (born 1943) is still alive and well and she and her husband, in the spirit world, are uniting both worlds to bestow heavenly blessings on us. 

There are still ‘trials and tribulations’ ahead because a separation of Good Vs Evil is needed, not just within us but around us.  So many examples of good and evil are coming to the fore now but often we cannot distinguish between what is ‘good’ and what is ‘evil’.  Our conscience will tell us if we tap into it well enough. 

Once we connect in a heartfelt way with our Heavenly Parent, then nothing can stop us!   Print out any photo you like of True Parents and keep it close to you for your spiritual protection.  This really is a great time in history to be born and we have so much opportunity to do something special, not just for ourselves but also for our ancestors and our descendants.


If you wish to contact me, please do so via email - terryswee@hotmail.com

Otherwise, please go online to find your local FFWPU education centre or have a look at some of the teaching materials online.    

God Bless, Amen and Aju!


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